December 4, 2022

A Comparison of Various Hair Removal Methods

You are not the only one who wants to get silky smooth arms, legs, and other body parts without any hair on them. But we all have those unwanted body hair naturally. And to remove them is a different level of task. It involves selecting the right method of hair removal according to your skin type, color, hair thickness, budget, and many more factors. Selecting a suitable fit can frustrate you. To reduce that headache, we are going to do a superb comparison of various hair removal methods. From Tweezing to IPL hair removal, all the common hair removal ways are going to be covered in this article.

Part 1: What Are the Different Types of Hair Removal Methods? How are they Different?

Here are some commonly used hair removal methods with their comparison.

1.     Threading

Threading is a popular Indian hair removal method (especially to remove facial hair). Professional uses a thread to roll it over the area of unwanted hair with a twisting movement. Doing this instantly removes the hair from its root. However, this method is very painful. Only doing it to shape an eyebrow gives a lot of pain. That’s why women use the threading hair removal method only to remove facial hair. Although, it is a less expensive method than waxing and sugaring.

2.     Sugaring

Sugaring is a hair removal method in which sugar is used instead of wax to remove unwanted hair. Sugar, lemon, and honey are used to make a waxy paste. This paste is then spread over the skin in the hair growth direction. After 10 seconds, the mixture is pulled off in the opposite hair growth direction with the help of a wax-removing strip. A plus point of sugaring over waxing is, it’s all-natural. Apart from removing unwanted hair from the skin, sugaring hair removal also nourishes and removes the dead skin layer.

3.     Electrolysis

The electrolysis hair removal method is widely used by women to remove facial hair. The electrolysis device has a needle on it that passes an electrical current (low intensity) directly into the hair follicles. The process helps to kill the hair root and prevent the hair from growing. This method is considered a permanent hair removal treatment. But you have to take multiple sessions to make it a success. The procedure takes more time than other hair removal methods because each hair that is to be removed is treated separately. Another downside of this method is that it can cause irritation, and redness, on the skin.

4.     Laser

Laser hair removal treatment is also a very effective method. Laser light emitted in the hair follicles is absorbed by melanin (responsible for hair production), that damage the hair. This method is suitable for those who have light skin tones and dark color of hair. The laser hair removal method works on removing hair from many parts of a body (where there is a growth of unwanted hair). But this way does not give hundred percent results and new hair can grow back. Moreover, it requires multiple clinic appointments every 4-5 weeks. The treatment’s cost is also another downside of it (very expensive). You may experience some pain during and after the sessions if the hair growth is thick. Some side effects include temporary discoloring, irritation, and skin burn.  This method is much more effective when the hair is in the anagen phase (active phase of the hair).

5.     Tweezing

A method that we all use ourselves to remove a little number of hairs to shape the eyebrow is tweezing. Removing a few hairs from the upper lip, chin, and eyebrow can be done with the help of a tweezing instrument called a tweezer. Tweezing is also done by professionals after waxing, and sugaring to remove the remaining stubborn hair. Tweezing is not an option for removing hair from a large area.

6.     IPL

IPL hair removal technique is far more effective and efficient than any other hair removal method. A pulse of light is produced from many wavelengths to kill the cells that are responsible for hair growth. Like laser treatment, it targets melanin. So, if your hair is dark in color then it will definitely give you the best results. Because dark hair contains more melanin and more melanin absorbs more light and helps to remove the hair faster. Moreover, this technique does not cause any pain. You can only feel a tingling sensation on your skin during the session. One downside of this method is that it is not effective for dark skin tones (as the skin also contains melanin) and may burn the skin. It is not recommended for dark skin color.

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7.     Hair Removal Cream

Removing hair by using hair removal cream is also a convenient method for many women. The chemical present in the cream weak the hair’s strength and dissolve it from the base. It is considered a cheap method to remove unwanted body hair. Because of the chemicals present in the hair removal cream, it is not an alternative for those whose skin is sensitive. It can cause irritation, inflammation, and redness. That’s why a patch test is always necessary before applying the cream to the hair growth area. Apply a little amount of hair removal cream to your arm for a sensitivity test. If you feel any irritation or discomfort that means the cream is not suitable for your skin and don’t use it.

8.     Shaving

Everyone is familiar with the shaving process for hair removal as it is one of the oldest methods with cheap pricing. A razor is used to remove the hair from its base. This method always helps women when they don’t have the time to visit a salon for hair removal. Although, it is a temporary solution as it does not last long (hair is not removed from the root). If you want to get an effective result, you should moisturize and exfoliate the skin first. You can use hair conditioner, shaving cream, or body wash before gliding a razor on your skin. Doing this can prevent your skin from any cuts, or nicks. The shaving method gives you a smooth finish for two or three days only. After that, you can feel the hair growth from the touch. Also after shave, your skin becomes rashy.

Part 2: Comparison








Hair removal cream


 Level of pain High High low low high No pain No pain No pain
Cost cheap Less expensive Expensive Expensive cheap Less expensive cheap cheap
Skin suitability Suitable for all skin types Suitable for all skin types Not suitable for sensitive skin Suitable for all skin types Suitable for all skin types Suitable for all skin types Not suitable for sensitive skin Suitable for all skin types
Skin area suitability Suitable for a smaller area Suitable for all body parts Suitable for a smaller area Suitable for all body parts Suitable for the smaller area Suitable for all body parts Suitable for all body parts Suitable for the smaller area
Side effects No side effects No side effects Side effects involved Side effects involved No side effects No side effects Side effects involved No side effects



Selecting a hair removal method from many that are available in the market depends on many points. How much time it will take, how much money it will cost you, etc. With the help of this article, you can make a choice from the above-mentioned hair removal methods. Here, IPL hair removal could be a better option for you all. You can try the Ulike Sapphire Painless IPL hair removal handset also to remove stubborn body hair.