October 2, 2023

Cannabinoids Compatible with Puffco Vaporizers

It’s easy to become lost in the seemingly endless possibilities of ingesting marijuana. With the statewide medicinal and recreational legalisation of marijuana, new goods and gadgets have been able to enter the market.

Vaping marijuana is an alternative to smoking joints since enail it doesn’t involve combustion. In addition to bud, edibles are prepared using distillate and terpenes. It is possible to consume, vape, dab or apply topicals, wear transdermal patches or utilise concentrates that include THC oil.

Dabbing, what’s that?

The names “dab” and “dabbing” were first used in the marijuana market before they became famous as a Fortnite dance. The term “dabbing” refers to the process of ingesting a marijuana concentrate, while “dabbing” refers to the amount of the concentrate consumed.

Vaporizing concentrated marijuana necessitates high temperatures, with low-temp dabs beginning at 300°F and high-temp dabs reaching up to 900°F. Low-temp dabs are more tasty but produce less vapour, whereas high-temp dabs are more flavorful but produce more vapour, but are less flavorful than low-temp dabs. A dab rig, e-rig, or Puffco dab pen vaporizer is required to achieve these temperatures.

What Dabbing Equipment Do You Use?

When it comes to inhaling cannabis concentrates, dab rigs are regarded the original and include the following components:

  • A bong-like water pipe made of glass
  • A little dish composed of quartz, titanium, or ceramic that fits inside the pipe like a bowl.
  • Long tool composed of heat-resistant materials such as glass, stainless steel, and others.
  • Carb cap, which regulates airflow and retains heat around the dab.

The nail is heated with a blowtorch, then cooled, in order to dab. The dabber is used to put the dab on the bottom of the nail, and the carb cap is placed on top, resulting in a powerful vapour that may be smoked. Using a rig and blowtorch to dab is a guess-and-check game that results in harsh dabs due to the inaccuracy of the temperature readings, which is why harsh dabs are so prevalent with older rigs.