October 2, 2023

The Story of Oral Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a procedure with is used to remove toxic levels of heavy metals from within a person. The process happens when the use of chelating agents is used. There are both conventional medicine approaches to using it as well as alternative medicines. In any case, this treatment, when administered properly can help to improve the health and well being of individuals.

During World War I, the use of poisonous gas was in place. Chelating agents were first used during this time period. The first of them was British Anti Lewisite also called BAL. This was the name given to Dimercaprol. This is an organic compound that is related to mercaptans. These mercaptans are organic compounds that contain sulfur. But, what does all of this really have to do with what they can do? Well, mercaptans are able to react to the bad metals that are within the body to capture them or to form compounds with them. In this case, the lewisite gas was an arsenic type of organic compound that was used in poisoning the enemy. BAL was able to bind the arsenic compounds from lewisite within the body. This then allowed them to be removed from the body without any harm being done to them.

Later, there were other chelating agents discovered to be used as well. These bind with metallic ions and render them less chemically reactive. This then allows them to be excreted from the body without any harm.

Conventional Medicine And chelation therapy

In conventional medicine, there are several ways in which these chelating agents can be used. Although it is rare for them to be needed and used, they can provide a safe and excellent way to treat several conditions.

They can be effective in treating such conditions as:

  • Acute Mercury poisoning
  • Plutonium poisoning
  • Arsenic poisoning
  • Iron poisoning
  • And lead poisoning.

They can also be useful in treating other conditions as well as other heavy metal poisonings. In any case that they are used, though, the patient’s health must be in a good deal of risk to warrant them being used. Heavy metal poisoning is quite detrimental to the body. In many cases, significant damage can be done to virtually every organ of the body due to the effects of this poisoning. One example is mercury in which neurodegeneration can happen. Chelation therapy can help to remove these toxic compounds from the body without damage as long as preformed correctly and within the right amount of time. The Chelation therapy can be used to treat in several methods including through intravenously, orally or through intramuscularly.