May 30, 2023

Three Ways AdWords Consultants Use Vouchers


Here are a few ways for professional advertising consultants to promote their services while helping potential clients get noticed online.

Google AdWords coupons and promotional codes

1. Give away AdWords vouchers with no strings attached

The AdWords promotional coupons are for businesses new to AdWords. As a Google advertising professional these business owners are not the target audience for your service.  Facebook & Instagram Advertising Consultant Most new businesses do not have the advertising budget needed to make the investment to outsource their advertising. But don’t count them out. Building your business means helping them build theirs.

By giving away the coupons, you create a need for your expertise. Online advertising is an ongoing process and a first campaign with a budget around $100 may provide the type of boost a business owner needs to understand the power behind running ongoing campaigns.

2. Offer coupons to specific industry

Help to foster competition and build your consulting business into an authority in the industry of your choose. Giving coupons to anyone who asks may seem like a good ideal but it’s not. Free advertising without purpose is wasted. Focus your efforts.

Your potential client is in a select group of businesses, offer coupons to your clientele.

3. Create value before the sale

The value of understanding your client base is by far the most over-looked element in effectively advertising any business online today.

Making AdWords available to try without risk is a great tool but how does it profit the business owner. If she needs to expand her business, having the tools to complete the task without training and knowledge of the process will probably cause more frustration than service. Create value by meeting with business owner for a few minutes to explain to her what she can expect from a first campaign.