September 26, 2023

We Think PCI Biotech Holding (OB: PCIB) Needs To Drive Business Growth Carefully

We can see why investors seek out businesses that aren’t profitable. For example, although software-as-a-service business lost money for years while it grew recurring revenue, if you held shares since 2005, you’d have done very well indeed. While history celebrates these rare achievements, however, the ones that fail are usually forgotten. Who will ever remember

Therefore, why should PCI Biotech Holding (OB: PCIB) shareholders be concerned about the cash burn? In this article, we’ll look at the annually negative flow of cash and call it the “cash burn.” We will begin by looking at the amount of the company’s cash and cash burn.

When Might PCI Biotech Holding Run Out Of Money?

A cash runway can be defined as the amount of time that it would take an organization to exhaust its cash in the event of spending at the current rate of burn. As of December 20, 2021, PCI Biotech Holding had cash of kr116m. It was also debt-free. Its cash burn was kr69m in twelve months. Thus, by the end of December 2021, it could have around twenty months’ cash runway. Although that’s not all that important, prudent holders are looking at the distance and contemplating what could happen when the business has to run out of cash. As shown below, you can check out how the cash balances have changed in the past.

How Is PCI Biotech Holding’s Cash Burn Changing Over Time?

Although PCI Biotech Holding did record a statutory income of kr6.3m during the year, the company didn’t earn any operating revenue continue reading this. We consider the company a pre-revenue one. We’ll examine its cash burn rate to assess the state of its cash burn. With the cash burn dropping by 16%, it is clear that management thinks they are investing enough to move forward with its business plan promptly. PCI Biotech Holding is somewhat concerned due to its lack of significant operating revenues. We like the majority of stocks in the list analysts anticipate to increase.

Can PCI Biotech Holding Raise More Cash Easily?

Although PCI Biotech Holding is showing an impressive reduction in its expenditure on cash, it’s not worth thinking about the possibilities of raising more cash, even to boost growth. A typical company can raise funds by issuing shares or acquiring debt. Businesses often offer shares to new investors to increase cash flow and boost growth. When we look at the amount of cash burned by a company about the value of its capitalization, we can determine the extent to which shareholders could be affected if the business had to raise cash to cover the next calendar year’s expenses.

As it has a market capitalization of around the kr190 million, PCI Biotech Holding’s KR69m in cash burn amounts to around 36 percent of its value. This is a significant cash burn, and if the business is required to sell shares to fund the next year’s business, shareholders would be subject to expensive reductions.

So, Should We Worry About PCI Biotech Holding’s Cash Burn?

In this review of the PCI Biotech Holding’s capital burn, we feel that its cash runway is reassuring. The amount of cash burned relative to its market capitalization is causing us to be a little concerned. While we don’t believe that the company has any issues in its cash burn, the analysis we’ve conducted in this piece suggests that shareholders need to give attention to the possibility of costs of raising additional funds shortly. We also conducted a deep investigation into the business and discovered four indicators of the danger or concern for PCI Biotech Holding (2 are alarming!), which you must be aware of before investing here.