November 27, 2022

Winner Medical’s Alginate Wound Dressings Are a Better Treatment for Wounds

Natural alginate, a polysaccharide carbohydrate obtained from seaweed, is used to make alginate for wounds. It is a practical wound dressing with a strong absorption performance, primarily made of alginate. When the medical film touches wound exudate, it becomes a soft gel, creating the perfect moist environment for healing and pain relief.

Alginate wound dressing, produced by Winner Medical using cutting-edge technology, provides a fresh and practical choice for wound care.

The Winner Medical alginate wound dressing has the following advantages.

Safe and non-toxic: Alginate wound dressing is formed of a natural polymer that is non-toxic to humans and can be used safely on skin wounds and mucous membranes.

Alginate wound dressing has a high moisture absorption capacity, which is particularly helpful for extremely exudative wounds since the amount of exudate greatly affects the condition of the wound.

Hemostasis: When an alginate dressing touches wound exudate, it might encourage the development of a plasminogen activator and quicken the blood clotting process.

It can create gel by absorbing wound exudate, exchanging ions with the exudate, and producing a stable layer of reticulated gel on the wound surface. This makes creating a wound microenvironment easier to encourage tissue development (slightly acidic, anaerobic or hypoxic, moderately moist).

Winner Medical’s alginate wound dressing is unquestionably the finest option for wound care dressings for wounds with a significant volume of exudate. For further information, see Winner Medical‘s official website.