November 27, 2022

The NUSO Heated Tobacco: What It Is And How It Works

NUSO heated tobacco is a new product on the tobacco market. It is different because it is heated rather than burned. In this article, you will learn more about this new heated tobacco product and how it works.

What is The NUSO Heated Tobacco?

The NUSO heated tobacco is a product designed to be an alternative to smoking. It is heated to a temperature that creates an inhalable aerosol but does not involve combustion. The inhalable aerosol contains significantly lower levels of harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke.

How The NUSO Heated Tobacco Works

Heated tobacco uses real tobacco, much like regular cigarettes. However, as opposed to simply igniting them and causing them to burn, the powerful and gratifying aroma of the NUSO heated tobacco is typically produced by placing the tobacco into the electronic devices and heating the reconstituted tobacco blends to the point where they release an aerosol that contains nicotine. This gadget makes it quick and simple to smoke tobacco.

Where Does Nuso Heated Tobacco Sell?

NUSO heated tobacco is available for purchase some countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, and in the Middle East. The company behind NUSO heated tobacco has plans to expand to additional markets in the future.


The NUSO heated tobacco device is a new way to enjoy tobacco with less harmful effects than traditional cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes, there is no combustion involved in using the NUSO, so there are far fewer harmful chemicals released.